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Wound Care

Wounds can have many degrees of severity.  Carver Rehabilitation & Living Center has a team of nurses, along with a Wound Physician, and therapists who focus on the healing of wounds, whether acquired during a surgery or procedure, general skin breakdown, or from an infection.  Our team is able to provide a variety of treatments, are constantly assessing the healing process and collaborating the best way to comfortably, safely and quickly heal a wound.  This includes negative pressure wound care and IV therapies.  Please refer to our rehabilitation page for additional information on how our therapy team is involved with this care.

Skilled Care

Skilled nursing care often refers to the care provided to a patient by licensed nurses after a hospital stay at a skilled nursing facility.  Our licensed nurses are available 24 hours a day to care for patients requiring treatment for intravenous therapy, tube feeding, daily medication management and training, monitoring and treatment of changing health status, complex wound care, and more.

Rehabilitative Care

Rehabilitative nursing care often involves working with a patient to teach them how to monitor, manage and live with their diagnoses.  This includes medication management teaching, wound care teaching, feeding tube management, and helping to provide a general layman’s understanding of diagnoses.

Serenity Gardens

Sometimes with advanced Alzheimer’s or other memory related illnesses it is important to have a smaller, less stimulating environment.  Carver Rehabilitation & Living Center has a unit specially equipped to work with residents that need a more relaxed, calm atmosphere.  We are able to meet the needs of residents that may wander, be resistant to care, and need a structured setting to allow for a safe, secure and caring home.

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